Paying tribute…to Phil

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There are times when tributes are appropriate, and others just seem out of line.  During the Australia Day celebrations, the Australian Prime Minister, without consulting any within his own party or executive leadership, announced that Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) was to receive the highest honour, the Order of Australia. There has been much speculation as to why, and certainly much disagreement about the choice.  Majority of people, including many loyal monarchists, have at best thought the decision odd. Others indifferent to Australia becoming a republic, have reconsidered their perspective and see this as un-Australian and requiring a shift in their philosophical and political emphasis.

In stark contrast, were the many tributes made after the passing of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes following his freakish and tragic accident from a cricket ball leading to his untimely and premature death. Tributes flowed in about the young mans talent, his joy of playing…

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