Week 4: Dumbo

A Year in Disney Movies

1_Disney_DUMBOFirst Theatrical Release: October 31, 1941 (Halloween!)

First Home Viewing Release: June 26, 1981

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Where I Found It: My Library’s DVD collection (once more, 70th Anniversary Edition!)

Bechdel Test Score: Passed. This movie features several female elephants who gossip with one another frequently. It barely squeaked by with a passing score — most of their conversations revolve around Dumbo, a male, but their griping about a circus act as they perform it constitutes non-Dumbo centered talk.

When I posted about Pinocchio, a conversation emerged on my Facebook page in which a couple of my friends confessed to feeling frightened of Pinocchio when they were children. I was wracking my brain to see if I could remember feeling afraid of any Disney films when I was a kid, and nothing came immediately to mind.

Shortly thereafter, however, I remembered: The Pink…

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