Fifty Shades of Grey Movie News Roundup

Bad Books, Good Times

Lately, Matthew and I have been stumbling upon or being linked to a bunch of really fantastically hilarious articles about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and its stars. [Matthew says: Or, rather, our friends have been stumbling upon them, and posting them to our Facebook.] We present to your our favourites below:

1) The stars apparently hate each other.

"fifty shades stars hate each other"

Whether or not Dornan and Johnson hate each other is debatable, but based on their constant “get the fuck away from me” posture while in each other’s company, it really appears like they do. What is one hundred percent sure, however, is that their on-screen chemistry is equal to the chemistry of a couple of unboiled hot dogs. Without the unboiled hot dogs’ inherent sexiness.

[Matthew says: This is my absolute favorite thing. If this movie absolutely has to exist, it better at least have the…

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