Q&A: Rebecca Schinsky of BookRiot and Bookrageous

Drunk Austen

If you’re not already familiar with our Q&A series, it’s basically where we find really, really interesting people, and ask them all the questions we would ask said cool person. We try to ask all the things we’d ask if we got to kidnap them and take them to a coffee shop, and had their attention all to ourselves for about 30 minutes before the police busted in. But since that is a crazy, crazy thing that we’ve absolutely never had any desire to do, we just send them an email and ask politely. 

This week in coffee shop kidnappings our ongoing Q&A series, we’ve managed to steal a few precious seconds of Rebecca Schinsky’s time. She’s the director of content and community for Riot New Media, and works on one of our favorite literary sites, Book Riot. If that weren’t enough, she’s also one of our favorite people on Twitter…

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