Mondays, remixed

dreaming fish

When I figure out something that’s been bothering me, I have a tendency to come up with grand plans that are going to fix everything! And then reality sets in: my plans are too hard to implement. They need to be updated frequently, if not thrown out entirely. I’m stuck again — why didn’t my grand plan fix this too?

I need to (remember to) start small. What’s one thing that’s better?

Mondays in my life right now, even though I don’t have a job, start my week off with jangled nerves. Afternoons are often my most productive time of day, but Monday evenings, Spouse and I get groceries and eat dinner out. So just when I’m getting my day really started, I know it’s going to be cut short.

And sometimes, with the crazy hours Spouse has been working, I preemptively cut short my afternoon, expecting him to arrive…

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