Problem Machine


Yeah. the title just didn’t feel quite right without an exclamation mark. I’m not sure why ‘JazzPunk!’ isn’t the official title, because if any game deserves exclamation marks it’s this one. The entire experience of JazzPunk revolves around


With every action you take, the game has an unequal and perpendicular reaction. Every bit of every environment is full of little jokes, and even if most of the jokes are kind of dumb each one is, in its context, given the element of surprise, hilarious. Sometimes all that makes a good joke is telling a bad joke at the perfect moment. Everything is timing. Everything is context.

You play as some kind of secret agent. Who you work for isn’t important. Who you’re working against also isn’t important. There seems to be a lot of deception and skullduggery going on, but none of that’s important. What’s important is in…

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