‘Why can’t they speak English?’

the only deadhead in the hameau

In the interests of editorial balance, following last week’s feature aimed at our new local readers from Le Quotidien de Faire-Le-Dodo (87), which sought to explain the inability – or reluctance – of the incomers to speak French, today we deal with the thorny matter of the language barrier from the expats’ point of view.

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Let me guess: you chose to live in France because you love the country and the lifestyle.


But your biggest stumbling block is the language.


You try to parler Français, but it’s a bit of a struggle and you sometimes get frustrated, not least by the reluctance of the locals to meet you halfway by essaying a bit of English themselves.

‘Why can’t they speak English?‘ After all, shouldn’t they be grateful that you’ve paid good money for their decaying and otherwise worthless buildings, parted with at least as much again locally…

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