What if FEAR is a corporation

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What if FEAR is a transnational corporation? Lets consider that for a moment. Then it would definitely offer products like insecurity, anxiety, anger and all other kinds of negative emotions. It would have a sophisticated business plan and is working with various strategies to accomplish their annual goals and targets around the world.

The big partners of FEAR would be organisations such as the militairy industrial complex, the big players within the financial system, governments, the bigger media corporations, the geoengineering scientists and the entertainment industry. FEAR has a mission statement that would be something like this: Downgrade mankind till FEAR is the same as breathing for them. It must be part of their everyday life. 

There is only one big competitor of FEAR and that is LOVE. LOVE is a corporation that is build upon relationships, high-vibrational emotions en a positive state of being and sells nothing but…

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