Welcome to Blue Skies


At last this feeling is finally back
Here we go, let’s have a blast
One step at a time from the first to the last
Let’s create memories worth calling the past

Allow these hardened walls to crumble away
Insecurities from a different time, the fears of yesterday
Let go of the pain you’ve come to know
Come in closer and let me show you
This is how the Universe has thrown you
A unique perspective aware of it all
Aware of the rise and of the fall
Here for a moment to haul in all these memories
Slipping seconds of new and old dreams
Fleeting senses in the midst of your journeys

Welcome to life, here is your mask
No defined purpose, no specific task
Welcome to the moment, one not to grasp
But to truly let go, feel absorbed at last
For this is what truly matters

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