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Orange Moon

Assignment: Chapter 10 – Objective 1

Evening y’all!

In an effort to multi-task, I’m sitting here posting while I watch the championship games today. By the way…congrats to the Seahawks on becoming the NFC Champions (my hubs and I aren’t Seahawks fans though..our team didn’t make it :-/ lol). Now let’s see who will be facing them as the AFC Champs on February 1st. 🙂

So anywho…I hopped over to Chapter 10 as I indicated in my Coursework Check List in my post “Developing a Way of Doing Things”. In the first assignment of this chapter, we’re asked to order our annual wedding magazine subscriptions.

Wedding Magazine CollectionA couple stacks of my wedding magazine collection.

I have tons of wedding magazines in my home, but I haven’t had a subscription in about a year. It’s time for me to re-subscribe to some of those that I had before, as well as…

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