The Secret of the North Cape


A few days ago, I had the pleasure of watching “The Seret of the North Cape”, created by Peter Szivolt. Since then I’ve watched it several times, totally in awe of the beauty of the aurora borealis and grateful that I live in a place where I’m privileged to observe them.  If you want to be mesmerized by the mysterious northern lights, I recommend watching Peter’s 3 1/2 minute film.

I asked Peter if I could share this video, as well as some information about creating this short film.

Here are some of the “secrets” behind the making of this 3.5 minute film – which took over three months.  As we have many overcast, winter days, it wasn’t easy to collect this footage.  For 10 seconds of footage, Peter needed 250 photographs with long exposure.  Each photo was exposed for 25 seconds, so he needed 100 minutes for 10 seconds…

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