Reflections: Reasons for a Tree


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Reasons for a Tree


It never seems to fail, I start researching a particular aspect of nature to teach a class, and   I completely become consumed, fascinated, and enamored with the absolute beauty and magnificence of nature.  I know I have said this practically every time; however, nature and its brilliance NEVER ceases to amaze and astound me!  There aren’t enough adjectives to describe just how exquisite our world is!  I could go on and on……….

 Once again, the turn out for the class was not what I had wanted it to be, but as they say in permaculture circles, “Start small and build on your successes.”  I have heard from some ‘permaculture giants’ when they first started teaching classes, there were many times they spoke to a small handful of people.  They persevered and now they have huge followings.  Another way I look at…

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