One Day cricket: Who wants to be a bowler?

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AB de Villiers played one of the most destructive innings against West Indies on January 18, 2015. He scored 149 run in just 44 balls. It was preposterous for any human being. It was a superhuman effort. While praising his innings, we would fall short of adjectives.

All this praise is truly deserved but we also need to see cricketing history that how rules and pitches have been changed to suit batsmen. Limitations were put on short-pitched bowling; pitches were covered to curb the assistance to fast bowlers. Whenever the bowler seems to be gaining the ascendancy, the batsman finds a way to regain the advantage. Bats are now of giant size and its edge has become broader. Every inch of bat is now sweet spot, even a mistimed shot ends up in stands.

Pitches for ODIs have become flatter in every part of the world. There is little or…

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