How Pakistan beat the odds and their own disbelief to win the 1992 World Cup

Harper Broadcast

The Unquiet Ones: A History of Pakistan Cricket, by Osman Samiuddin

The Unquiet OnesIncluding the two first-class games (one of which they nearly lost), Pakistan won just one of their six warm-up matches. That began a tournament start in which they won just a solitary game in their first five (and that too against Zimbabwe, who then were yet to become the formidable side of the late 1990s). Imran appeared for the first time in that Zimbabwe match, but didn’t bowl or bat. ‘It was the perfect day’s cricket for me; no batting, no bowling and no catching,’ he said after the game. ‘It’s the sort of day Aamer Malik [an all-rounder around that time who never quite made it] would have loved.’ Perfect days were few and far between in that stretch and so low did they get, it was difficult to know which was the lowest. Was it the…

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