Big cities and your dreams

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Living in city can be toxic for someone like me who has a big, and NOT average dreams.


It somehow makes you lose sight of those real dreams and instead adjust to the society’s expectations.

I have been living in big city all my life… Bangkok, Brighton, London,….

People¬†from my life will know I have personalities of the so called ‚Äúcity girl‚ÄĚ

But as I grew up, I started to feel like the big city is taking something away from me, something important.

Freshness of life

Clearness of mind

Vivid imagination

I have been living in London (only) for just 4 months

All I see everyday are

rush people, busy underground train, people wanting to get ahead of everybody else, rush hours, rush hours, rush hours,       and rush hours.

I used to think that living in big cities will help me achieve my dreams easier…

But instead my dreams are…

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