AB de Villiers: The Chutzpah

All Things Cricket

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found Superman he captains South Africa in ODIs and has just smashed 149 in 44 freakin’ balls!

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers (finally we know what AB stands for) is a superstar, superhero and superhuman all in one.

Now we all know that Usain Bolt loves his cricket, but he can’t whack the ball as hard as this guy. However, Usain Bolt must thank AB for choosing to play cricket, because as a school kid AB broke every record imaginable in athletics and still holds the national juniors 100m sprint record. Although, athletics formed a small part of AB’s childhood it built his core strength, a word now fancied for ‘athleticism’ by trainers across the world.

Destiny chose his favourite child; he was going to be the youngest of three children born to a sports fanatic Dr. Abraham Benjamin, AB (his grandfather was also called AB)…

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