The Normal People (I) – by Lewis Wollington

The Paradox

Episode 4 - The Normal People (Lewis)

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What’s Happened So Far:
After last week’s events, where Lana sacrificed herself to resurrect James from the death she blamed herself for, the team struggle to come to terms with what’s happened. Barely talking to each other, they take a break to a quiet village in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany, to mark the start of their ‘ordinary’ life, away from danger…

Music for this Extract:


Lewis solemnly stared out of the coach window. His reflection glared back at him. It was there to remind him that he was still alive and Lana wasn’t, but he looked right through it; not that he was looking at anything in particular. His eyes desperately searched for some kind of comfort, but the fields of muggy Germany offered no such serenity. As the raindrops fought their way down to the bottom of the window…

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