Have I been wrong about Gerrard?


by Adam Sewell

As a fan of a rival team, my experience of Steven Gerrard’s career today has been viewed through a skewed lens. His achievements and personal performances drew little admiration from me as I had sat fingers crossed that Liverpool would fail in each match, that his free kicks would go wide and his Hollywood passes end up in the crowd. He also formed part of the axis of evil with Frank Lampard in England’s midfield that failed to ever work but constantly pushed the remarkable Paul Scholes to the left wing and eventually into retirement.

All of this is completely irrational of course. As an opposition fan, to me Gerrard was simply the figurehead behind the need to see Liverpool fail. Maybe it’s their domination of the 80’s or maybe it’s the attitude of a section of their own fans towards their supposed rightful place at the…

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