The Doctrine Of Lassi

Cough. Cough.

Dr. Brahma has seen different patients with varying ailments. In his 26 years of medical career he has never come across such a client whose allergy seems to worsen by the day. And importantly, this person was no ordinary ‘Aadmi’ as he portrays himself to be so.

“Please give me some medicines and quell this allergy. I cannot bear this any longer. This is lasting more than my Delhi Government”

Dr. Brahma inquisitively looks at the young man of 40 yrs. His thick moustache, white cap and rimmed spectacles act as a perfect foil in conceiving his true identity. He’s a superhero in disguise after all, who was sent to earth by God to singlehandedly broom the corrupt folks away. Dr. Brahma felt divine for being able to meet such a remarkable man. Yet for reasons unknown, he couldn’t identify this man’s malady.

“I’m trying my level best…

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